Steps to Starting a Supporting Organic and/or Gluten Free Foodie Business!

WHERE are you going to prepare your new food idea?  Certified Kitchens is a fabulous choice!  Our location on Shattuck Ave is in the heart of the foodie healthy movement & centrally located to access most of your your local Organic produce and variety of specialty food items!

WHAT commercial rental kitchen will have the right equipment & supporting environment?  Certified Kitchens might be the kitchen rental answer you’ve been waiting for!  Bakery roll-in ovens, 60qt & 30qt. mixers, kettle to make that perfect syrup, convection ovens & much more!  Three dedicated Gluten Free kitchens or three dedicated Supporting Organic kitchens for for your NON cross contamination food preparation environments.

How about Marketing?  Don’t forget that unique branding for your specialty food product.  Here at Certified Kitchens we can HELP you get your certifications either Gluten Free Certified or Organic Certified & differentiate yourself in this highly competitive marketplace!

Are YOU ready to make that leap on this journey of food prep? Make sure you have your number one fan club of family & friends behind your food endeavor.

Do you have a business plan?  Make sure you do a product comparison & remember your  product should be unique in the marketplace. Set goals, goals, & more goals…..

Do you have adequate Insurance & health permits?  Do your homework before you start your foodie business and Certified Kitchens is definitely there for your cooking preparation needs!

Most importantly, have fun at whatever you do with local Organic or Gluten Free food preparation!

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