Web Tools That Cook

Buy, Schedule and Manage Kitchen Rental Time Fast

We know you’re busy and you need quick and easy ways to submit your Berkeley, CA kitchen rental requests. Certified Kitchens has a full suite of on-line tools that make it easy to reserve and manage time in our gluten free and organic rental kitchens from your desktop or mobile device.

Streamline your kitchen rentals with our web-based account and calendar interfaces that allow registered members to book and manage kitchen time on-line. Interactive search filters make booking a breeze and interactive calendars display upcoming reservations.
We ensure your privacy and offer you the tools you need to get your kitchen rentals organized. Manage your account from your personalized secure homepage that displays interactive calendars displaying upcoming reservations.

It’s easy to pay for your kitchen rentals, too. We accept Mastercard and Visa via Pay Pal, for easy on-line payment processing. Get started today. Register and begin enjoying the benefits of our San Francisco kitchen rentals.

To Download the Step-By-Step Tutorial on Reserving and Buying Kitchen Time.